We’re Amora Imani, the go-to online destination for the confident, glamorous, fashion-savvy girl in
search of that something extra special.

Figure-flattering designs, body-contouring fabrications and quality are always at the heart of our brand.

Amora Imani renowned for its statement designs, iconic silhouettes and exquisite embellishments
that are made to be seen.

The team prides itself on possessing a thorough understanding of
composition, form and fit.
They know that clothes serve a purpose and must be functional, but also
that how a garment makes the wearer feel is pivotal: how the body moves in clothes and how they
feel to the touch.

Amora Imani is the epitome of accessible aspiration: statement designs and iconic silhouettes are
reimagined in contemporary fabrications and luxury embellishments for the modern, empowered
woman who is as sassy and sophisticated as she is sexy.

The goal of our online store is to offer a business space to innovative designers and unique brands to
guarantee originality and new arrivals time to time.

In the market place we want to established friendly and solid relationships with our partners aiming
to reach the best results through our collaborations. We love to collaborate with independent and
small businesses to facilitate their growth through our store.

Moreover, we ensure the quality of our products through a quality check by the team to respect the
image given in the website and functionality of the product.

Our team works harmoniously with local costumers, but also with those worldwide. We want to
make sure through quality and customer service, that our customers are happy with their orders.
A satisfied costumer is our principal goal.


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