Concept Store March 2022


Amora Imani is a fashion brand based in Knightsbridge, London, only a couple of feet away from Harrods. We sell dresses, jewellery and facemasks.

We have had publications in Elle, Grazia, Arabian Moda and Emma Mag. We also opened at Paris Fashion Week 2021 at the Le Meurice and are set to showcase at the Dubai Fashion Week 2022 in March.

We are pleased to announce our concession store in Mayfair, London, from Friday 4th March 2022 till Sunday 6th March 2022. This store will be an opportunity for businesses to work together, bring brand exposure, gaining new exposure and providing experience for start-ups. This is an effective way to support each other and be sustainable at the same time.

What makes our concept store different is that we do not believe in just giving a business space to sell, but give them an opportunity to bring awareness and thrive.

Throughout the whole event, there will be:

  • Media/Press
  • Photographers/Videographers
  • Wifi
  • Dressing area, for customers to try on clothing
  • Server on site
  • Help & Support on site
  • Drinks and Refreshments
  • Opportunity to join our podcast

We will be offering a range of packages to accommodate your business. Whether, you’re looking for just a few days with one of our 1 day, 2 day, or 3 day packages.

It doesn’t finish there, Amora Imani will have media playing at the concession store and we would love for you to add your brand media to our platform. We are looking for all brands videos to be playing at the concept store continuously together to bring more brand awareness.

Amora Imani will be supplying gift bags to customers and brands with all media material inside. We will welcome all brands and sponsors to add their media to these gift bags

We have an active marketplace on our site as we aim to support businesses in growth and have designed our site to give designers/vendors a platform to advertise their products. The benefits of advertising on our site:

  • You get to control and customise your own FREE page on our site
  • You can place your banner/logo on our site for FREE
  • You get your own URL, which can be placed on your socials.
  • There is no limit on how many items you wish to advertise on our site
  • Our site reaches the UK and Worldwide
  • Start selling with zero marketing costs
  • Our marketplace caters to all sorts of products, not just fashion.

It is quick and easy to set up. We will support you through the whole process.

All you need to do is visit for more details

All spaces are First Come First Service. So don’t miss out

Thank you

Amora Imani Boutique