Vendors – Terms of use



The Terms of Use are the rules and rights Amora Imani Ltd has set out for the use of the website. We want to make sure you understand the use and purposes of our platform so we can provide you with our services in the best way.

These Terms will be effective from 01/01/2020 and once you accept them, you will set a legal binding relation with us, better known as contract.

The use of the website will be paid through your sales and will be the 20% of each purchase on your page. Amora Imani Ltd has installed plug-ins systems to ease the work, therefore automatically the 20% of each of your sales will go directly to Amora Imani Ltd.

It is really important for us and for you that you read and understand completely and carefully the conditions expressed in this document before using our services. If you do not agree with these Terms then you will not be able to use the platform.

1. Rules and responsibilities

Amora Imani Ltd wants to make sure to keep the marketplace a safe online space for everyone, sellers and buyers.
Here you will find few of rules and responsibilities you will need to comply with as a seller.

  • 18 years of age.
  • You must be the one managing you page. The name of the business will appear in the beginning of your page and you will handle all activities on it. Be aware that any activity of third parties will be your responsibility and Amora Imani Ltd will not be liable.
  • Make sure that the terms and conditions of your store comply with Amora Imani Marketplace Terms and Privacy Policy. We want to offer a respectful space.
  • Make sure that the terms and Make sure you provide the correct information about you and your products. If we find out you have been dishonest on this information to cause damage or unfair profits, we may cancel your page without your consent.
  • Make sure your products are innovative and original. We will not accept imitations.
    Most important, we do not accept any applicant that wants to sell the same items present on Amora Amani online store.

2. Your rights

  • Right to access: you can request your data any time to Amora Imani. You will be given a file with all the information we collected on you; it is then your right to share with third parties, on your own responsibility.
  • Right to terminate or delete: you can request any time to terminate or delete totally the use of your personal page. You will need to e-mail Amora Imani Ltd at We will give you the last updates and delete all data collected through our collaboration.
  • Right to refuse marketing: you can refuse any sort of marketing made by Amora Imani, at the registration form; you can refuse or let us know.
    Even if you change your mind on a second moment, all you will need to do is to contact us through e-mail and Amora Imani Team will correct your choice.
  • Right to protect yourself: you have the right to be informed on any significant
    changes we may make to Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of the Marketplace.
    We will let you know through an e-mail if the changes affect the services toward your business.
  • Right to change and customise. If during time you feel the need to change something on your online shop, you can manage it through your dashboard.

If you have any issue in doing so, you contact us at any time and Amora Imani Team will carefully examine your options and if they comply with the policies of the store, we will move on in personalising your page.

3. Your privacy

We are very careful to your personal information and we want to let you know clearly what happens to your information once you use this platform and decide to disclose them to Amora Imani.

Your data will be collected once you accept our Privacy Policy on Amora Imani website, you accept the various policies and terms when you complete the registration form.

A cookie is a small text file that works inside your computer and store all your activities. This means all the websites or products you are interested; it works and cross your data and then it suggests to you what can be interesting for you.
You will also share directly your information through the registration form. We will use this data to create and customise your personal shop.

This part related to the collection and use of your data has been set out in the Privacy Policy, so make sure you read it before you agree and accept.
We will not share, disclose or sell your data with the brands on the marketplace or third parties.

4. Your personal page on Amora Imani marketplace

Once you visit the platform and decide to collaborate with Amora Imani Ltd, please create your own account and tick the box as a vendor. In your account you will find the registration form with information required.

Once you get approved as a vendor you will receive an email notification from us and you will be ready to set up your store page, add your products and start selling.

Your page it is customised by you, this means that you will have to decide the name of your page, what products you can sell and how.

You will be responsible for your prices, promotions, sale or give aways

5. Your terms and conditions

You will need to provide your Terms and Conditions for your personal page.
It is your responsibility to protect your store, but also to provide your services in the best way.

You will provide your store of your own Terms and Conditions; in base of the products you sell and the rules you want to set for your online space. Be aware you need to make sure that your terms and conditions comply with the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use set by Amora Imani Ltd.

6. List of products you can sell

At Amora Imani, we want you to feel free to sell every form of art you are creating. For this reason, we have prepared a list of possible products acceptable to sell and a list of prohibited products in the paragraph below (para.7).
We hope this is going to help you understand ad clarify every doubt you may have. Acceptable products can be:

  • Clothes
  • Jewellery
  • Shoes
  • Item related to the house, decorations or not.
  • Soaps, creams or other hygienic products.
  • Handmade Candles.
  • Any approved products by Amora Imani.

Of course, this is a little list to create an idea of what you can sell. You will need to go through quality check in all cases, therefore we will examine your products and let you know if you are a valid applicant. We really want to keep the marketplace a free space where you feel safe to expose your work without limits on items, until you comply with our rules.

7. Prohibited products

This is a list that Amora Imani Ltd set out to rule the sales on the marketplace.
These conditions are also related to Anti-discriminatory and Harassment Policy (refer to point 9) And every seller must comply to it to be able to use our services.
We want to protect the freedom of expression of each visitoron the website, buyers, sellers and Amora Imani Ltd, but some basic rules on the prohibited items have been set out below. We want to avoid topics that may be emotionally provocative for someone.

    • No alcohol, tobacco or drugs. These substances are controlled by law and are restricted.
    • No weapons or any explosive. This include flammable products, gas, any kind of poison or any other item dangerous to the person. We will directly report to the police.

As for weapons we will not accept any kind, example knifes, guns or any imitation of them.

  • Products made by animal or human rests. We will not accept products tested on animals or humans.
  • No pornography. Amora Imani team will restrict any form of material that can be related to pornography. Not all nudity will be cut out, we will check your products through the quality check and during our collaboration so make sure your products comply with Privacy Policy and Term of use.
  • Violent material. Amora Imani Ltd will not accept any form of violent expression through your work. We want to guarantee a safe place to you as well to every visitor. Be respectful!
  • No hate products. This means that we will not accept any item that promotes hate or glorifies specific periods related to story, that may be offensive to people because of their gender, religion, ethnicity, check more on Anti- discriminatory and Harassment Policy. An example of this can be hate groups as Neo-Nazi. We will not accept anything of this.
  • Any approved products by Amora Imani.

If any of these terms is violated, we will directly block or delete your account and your personal page. We will not ask for your consent; we will not notify or update you on our actions.
In high levels of violation Amora Imani Ltd may be forced to refer and collaborate with authorities to ensure the vital, psychological and social interest of the individual.

9. Handmade guidelines

Amora Imani marketplace is an innovative space offered to designers and creators that wants to grow their business. Terms of Use regulates the part of the handmade products and so in accepting the terms you are agreeing to comply with the handmade policy.

Amora Imani welcomes any handmade product that overcome our security check, items made by both designers and creators.


Sellers that design and make their own products by themselves.
These items must be created and completed by you.


Sellers that design their products through a third party will make and complete them.
You will not be asked to provide info about your partners.

  • Your product or design should be as described, therefore, the existence of the product on the store should respect the real item purchased.
  • Pre-owned and fake luxury goods are prohibited on the website.
  • Describe your products in your own way, using your words and your original pictures.
  • Be available to any contact or inquiry from Amora Imani website and its visitors.
  • Be sure to provide the right info and data related to your shop and products, to avoid so any risk or case of fraud and comply with the Terms of Use.

9. Quality check

Your products will need to go through quality check before they are exposed on the page for the actual sale.
In the next paragraph we will explain you how this process will work.

Once you create your account and terminate your registration form, Amora Imani ill contact you through an e-mail and start the quality check that will consist in:

  • You will need to send us one of your products so we can check the material, the manufacture and all the aspects that guarantee quality.
    This will be your task; therefore, you will be responsible of preparation and delivery fees. Feel free to use every delivery company that you prefer, and please make sure to send us the item to:
    Amora Imani Ltd
    9 Jerdan Place, Suite 65
  • Once the package arrives, we will take up to 7 days to go though the check and contact you back with a result. We will let you know if you get approved, and if this is the case you can start selling on your page straight away.
  • Your product will be re-sent back you on expenses of Amora Imani. All our deliveries are managed by DHL so if you have any question please refer to our shipping info page.

Be aware: The service of the quality check is offered to applicants inside EU. All the applicant not resident in EU will go through an online check. This means we may ask you a telephone contact you videocall you and examine the products.

10. Anti-Discriminatory and harrassment policy

At Amora Imani everyone is welcome, as a buyer on all the platform or a seller through the marketplace. We do understand that the platform is available worldwide and so different cultures and backgrounds will be fused to create innovation and opportunities.
Therefore, we want to make sure that each one of you feel safe on our platform to sell, buy or express his/her self and so we build a policy against any type of discrimination of hate form.

The policy will be part of the terms use of both buyers and sellers to guarantee a protection on the language and actions on the website and ensure safe communications, direct or indirect.

Amora Imani considerate inappropriate every behaviour against the person related to:

  • Ethnicity
  • Race
  • Colour
  • Gender
  • Religion
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Disabilities
  • All characteristics of the person protected by law

11. Intellectual rights

We, at Amora Imani, know how much value your work can have, for the quality of the product and for you. For this reason, we want to advice you on the copyright.
This little symbol (©) on your works protects from stealing or imitating, and it can be applied to pictures, any type of writing, art and recording file.
Copyright is a good way to ease the process of legal procedures in case of someone stealing your work. We do not offer this kind of protection for you on the platform, but we deeply advice you to take it consideration if you do not want these kinds of circumstances to happen.
This also depends on the type of item you produce, because some of them may have directly some rights, but for some you need to apply.
You can decide whether you want to use copyright or not, however in UK and many other countries you still have rights on a specific item made by you. These are recognised by law to protect a designer or a maker.
In Europe for example your work can be protected up to 3 years from the moment made and exposed to the public. In UK this protection can vary from 10 to 15 years from the moment that the item was sold. Feel free to check the government guidelines on, in where you will find information about disputes, rights, etc.
If you deliberately want to give your work to a third party, then it is your responsibility to decide whether to sell it or not.

12. Termniation of your personal page

Once you decide you want to delete your account, there is no need to communicate it to us. You can handle all the activities of your store directly on the dashboard exposed on your page. You can delete your account and automatically all the information about you collected on the website. If you need to know what data we collected and how we processed them, then contact Amora Imani Ltd at In this occasion you can decide to ask for a full report of your data and activities on the website and the Team will provide you of this service. However, at the termination of your account we will delete all the data collected so the request should be made before deleting your account.

13. Amora Imani LTD liability

You will be the only responsible of your page. You will upload your content directly on your page through your store dashboard.
We will not do any change without your consent and guidelines. This is a privilege that we do not want to have.

This means that Amora Imani Ltd will not be responsible for any of the activities on your account, the one made by you or by third parties.
We will also be answerable only for our services and terms.

Disputes with Amora Imani or buyers

We are really committed in providing our services because we want to have a great collaboration with you. However, if you think to have a problem or a misunderstanding with us please let us know directly. we do not want to create disputes and if we acted incorrect towards you, we will put all our efforts to correct the mistake and resolve the dispute.
In this case Amora Imani Ltd may ask you a phone contact to resolve the dispute in a quick and confidential way. However, we may ask for some proofs or make some questions to understand better your point of view.

As for the disputes with your costumers, Amora Imani will not be responsible in any way.
All the products on your personal page are covered by you, this means that you are the only responsible of the purchases and deliveries made on your page.
We are not accountable for any of your actions, orders or deliveries.

Change of terms

Amora Imani Ltd keeps the right to modify the Terms time to time in the interest of the Marketplace. In case of significant changes, we will let you know through an e-mail.