13.5CT Opal Diamond Ring 14K Yellow Gold


    This is a Ethiopian Opal Ring with about 110 diamonds with 2 rows on each side of band

    This Ethiopian Opal Ring 14K Yellow Gold stands out with about 110 Diamonds with 2 rows on each side of band.

    Showing off bright colours Yellow Green Blue Red Orange White

    Discovered in 1990, Ethiopian opal was first commercially mined in 2008. It comes from Ethiopia’s northern Welo (or Wello) District where they have some bright opals

    Opal was first discovered in Ethiopia in the early 1990s. Specimens from Mezezo in the historical Shewa province consist of nodules of a reddish brown volcanic rock with orange, reddish brown, or “chocolate” brown precious opal inside.

    If you need a different size let us know so it can be re sized or one can be custom made too.

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