The silver fern denotes new beginnings, and is a strong symbol for New Zealand overall. This gorgeous gold plated casing wraps around the vibrant green piece of Jade in the centre, creating a stunning piece for anyone to wear.

    Jade is known by many names including nephrite, greenstone or pounamu. Geologists most commonly use the term nephrite jade, New Zealand’s early European settlers called it greenstone – a name that is still used today and thought to have stood the test of time for its ease of remembrance. To everyone else, the stone is simply known as jade.

    The best five percent of this stone is some of the most expensive and sought after in the world. Canada’s enormous nephrite jade deposits contribute more than 70% of the world’s annual production. Yet, jade mining doesn’t have a high profile in Canada possibly because the mineral-rich country extracts around 60 different resources from the earth including iron, gold, copper, silver, oil, uranium and diamonds.

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