Yellow Diamond Ring 18K Gold


    Yellow diamonds’ unique color comes from the presence of nitrogen in their composition which is natural . The nitrogen molecules absorb blue light, making the stone a yellow shade. Depending on the amount of nitrogen, a yellow diamond could range from light to dark.

    Different chemicals present during the diamond’s formation result in additional colors present, such as the common brown or orange tint found with yellow diamonds. Due to the natural process necessary for a diamond to have a deep, intense yellow color, these diamonds – known as Canary Diamonds – are very rare.

    Let us know your size if its not listed and if you have a specific request for any diamonds as you can have a custom one made.

    Diamonds: Natural Diamonds

    Main yellow diamond: 0.30ct

    Natural Diamonds 0.32ct

    Total Carat Weight: 0.62ct

    Cut: Round
    Clarity: SI
    Color: H

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